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Professional Odor Removal: Call Bio-One® of Augusta

professional odor removal services

While all of our homes or offices can smell a bit from time to time, certain odors can be extremely difficult to remove. If your home, rental unit or office is plagued with unpleasant or toxic odors that just won’t go away, contacting a professional odor removal service can be your best option and Bio-One® of Augusta can help.

When Should You Call Bio-One®?

While opening windows, using air fresheners, wiping down walls and cleaning carpets or flooring often helps with some odors, if you’ve tried all of these and the odors remain, it’s probably best to hire an odor removal service. However, there are many other instances, when you should give us a call rather than trying to handle any cleanup on your own, including the following.

Sewage Spills & Water Damage

If you’ve had sewage back up in your home or place of business, this isn’t just an issue of unpleasant smells. Sewage typically contains a myriad of toxins, including bacteria and viruses and this needs to be cleaned up by professionals. We have the OSHA-approved gear and cleaners necessary to ensure that all toxins and odors are removed.

Water damage also can cause unpleasant odors, and we always recommend that people contact water restoration companies as quickly as possible after any type of water damage or flooding has occurred. Most water damage restoration services offer 24/7 services and cleaning up quickly can prevent odors as well as the buildup of mold. If you do have lingering odors after a flooding incident, please give us a call so that we can remove whatever is causing the odor and ensure you can breathe healthier cleaner air. 

Cigarette Smoke & Other Smoke Sources

We often are called in to handle smoke-related odor cleanup, which can be nearly impossible for homeowners, landlords and business owners to handle on their own. Cigarette smokers and marijuana smokers become desensitized to the smell of smoke residue, but when a house or apartment needs to be sold or rented, these strong odors remain. Professional odor removal is the only way to completely remove the residue and smell.

Additionally, if your property has had a fire, there is likely smoke damage and this needs to be removed by a professional. Smoke damage is not just unsightly, it also can cause respiratory issues for anyone living or working on the damaged property.

Animal Odors & Waste

We’ve encountered our share of animal hoarding situations and rodent infestation in our years of biohazard remediation and cleaning up animal feces and urine can be tough. Just as with cigarette smoke, homeowners and tenants also often become desensitized to the odors that their dogs, cats or other animals leave behind.

If you’ve purchased a new home and find that it’s contaminated with unpleasant pet odors or perhaps you are a landlord that needs to rent out a contaminated property, we can help. At Bio-One®, we can handle any level of gross filth cleanup, including pet or rodent dropping cleanup. Whether there is just a single room with odor issues, or you have an entire property contaminated with animal waste or odors, our team is equal to the task.

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding cleaning services is one of our areas of expertise, and this often includes professional odor removal. In hoarding situations, odors can be caused by everything from cigarette smoke to animal waste to rotting food and more. Our team will provide compassionate, respectful cleaning services and we fully understand how stressful these situations can be.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for family and friends to discover that a loved one has died several hours or days after the fact. This is a tragic situation, and the reality is that there will be bodily fluids and odors left behind. These should never be handled by friends or family or landlords or even a typical maid or housekeeping service.

While the emotional toll of cleanup is horrific, these bodily fluids and odors also pose serious health risks. Only a professional trauma cleanup company should handle these cleanup and odor removal tasks, and if this type of tragic situation has occurred, we are available 24/7 to provide you with discrete and compassionate death cleanup services.

Vehicle Odors

We are called to handle vehicle odors more often than you might think. Many critters, such as rats and mice, like to nest in vehicle engines. These animals can leave feces and urine behind, creating terrible toxic odors. In some cases, animals can die in the engine or even burrow into the vehicle cabin and leave their waste throughout the vehicle.

Additionally, if your vehicle was previously owned by a smoker, this smoke can be tricky to remove. Whether you are dealing with animal waste or smoke odors, the Bio-One® team can remove these odors, and if a tragedy occurs in a vehicle, such as a suicide or unattended death, we can provide you with trauma cleanup services, as well.

Fuel Spills

Gasoline emits toxic odors, and it can be difficult to clean up properly. We can provide you with fuel spill cleanup services as well as cleaning other types of fluids, such as transmission fluid spills, etc. We offer comprehensive hazmat cleaning services for fuel spills and many other hazardous materials.

How We Handle Odor Removal Services

The first step with any job is to evaluate the situation and discover the source of the odor. In some cases, this is obvious, but with issues such as dead animals in walls or perhaps animal urine, we need to ensure that we find all possible sources of odor.

Then we remove the source of the odor, which can include removing carpeting, furnishings or even drywall, if necessary. In some cases, items can be disinfectd and cleaned, and we will do all we can to preserve items if possible. We have all of the cleaners and equipment necessary to handle the toughest odors and cleaning situations.

Call Bio-One® Today!

At Bio-One® of Augusta, we are available 24/7 to help with odor removal service and any type of biohazard remediation, including trauma cleanup, crime scene cleanup, unattended death cleanup and more. We serve the entire Augusta metro including Aiken, Barnwell, Edgefield, Jefferson, McDuffie, Richmond and Waynesboro counties.

Rebecca Wallace, Bio-One owner, recently visited with Arizona Midday to share how the Bio-One team makes a difference on and off the job in Arizona and throughout the United States. 

Arizona Midday - "Well we've got some help for your home right now. If you're feeling overwhelmed by a clean-up project, we've got help for you today. Rebecca Wallace is with Bio-One. Hi Rebecca. What is Bio-One?"

Rebecca - "So Bio-One is known for crime and trauma scene clean-up. However, we do a lot more than just that. We help people when there is a hoarding situation, so that they can regain their home and their lives again. We help with infectious disease decontaminationrodent droppingsodor abatement, basically if you think you might need a respirator to do the job we're the people you want to call."

Arizona Midday - "Wow, that's incredible. It's stuff we don't want to do. What made you decide to get into this line of work?" 

Rebecca - "So, me and my husband live in Flagstaff most of the time and we were talking with some first responders and heard how when people pass away or they're hoarders there is no one that can help them. There's just no one who does this kind of work. So we decided we want to be able to help our community, help those around us during a time of need so they can actually move forward in their lives and not have to deal with the mess of maybe things that have happened that they don't want to have to think about."

Arizona Midday - "I love that idea. So in order to help your clients as much as possible, do you work with other companies? Tell me about that if you do."

Rebecca - "Yes, we do. We work with quite a few other companies, because what we do is just a piece of a whole puzzle. So we work with a lot of restoration companies, Best Option Restoration, they are state-wide like us so they can help us anywhere as well. We work with animal rescues, so if there is a hoarding situation that animals are involved in we can get the animals out safely and get them rehabilitated. We work with quite a few non-profits that help first responders if they're in a time of need or crisis. It's across the board. We work with all kinds of different people. Contractors. Mental health professionals. Anyone that can be a piece of that puzzle with us, we want to work with them. 

Arizona Midday - "Oh, I love that. So what areas of Arizona does Bio-One cover?"

Rebecca - "We have offices all the way down from Tucson up to Flagstaff, and everything in-between. Our goal is to be able to help our clients within 90 minutes or less if there is an emergency. So we have offices everywhere. Any we're national. We have 120 offices throughout the US as well. 

Arizona Midday - "Wow. That's incredible. So you work with businesses. You work with non-profits, but you're also really involved in the community too, right? Tell me about that."

Rebecca - "Yeah we are. It's important for us to give back. Our community is important. We live here. We're part of it. So in 2020 alone, we gave out over 25,000 bottles of chemicals that are approved by the EPA for COVID-19 decontamination. We have blood drives all throughout Arizona to help with the blood shortage. We donate PPE to first responders and victim advocates. And we have BBQ's throughout the state as well for all of our first responders just to tell them thank you for what they've been doing. They work hard and we want to make sure that they know we care. 

Arizona Midday - "Rebecca Wallace, incredible work that you're doing with Bio-One.  And thank you so much for spending time with us today. 

Rebecca - "Thank you for having me."